Do you often feel that you miss or lack important information? Is urgently needed information often not accessible? If this is the case an information audit can help to clarify your information situation. With this procedure we clarify your information needs, your information behaviour, how information is channelled and how information systems work. The results of the audit will provide a basis for your future information management.

Information Management

Both traditional methods of intellectual control and up-to-date technologies for knowledge mining are useful means to structure and retrieve relevant information. My purpose is to find out your personal information needs and to work out a solution tailored on your own information adminstration.

or the best use of your internal information sources we will fix standardized filing systems, categories, catalogues or indexes depending on your company’s needs or we will use the advantages of software products that provide automatically created indexes or intelligent search functions. Numerous firms offer intranet solutions, content or document management systems, business portals or databases for archiving. I will give you a survey of the solutions offered today and will give you advice about their application and use.

As an information professional I offer to assist with projects on the introduction of information systems. According to your demands I will compile requirement specifications, request offers, inspect them and accompany the project from the beginning to the implementation with professional know-how.