After meeting on the spot I will analyse the existing book collection and we will develop systems and categories. We will discuss the long time location of the library, the amount and the type of shelving that is required. We will clarify if additional databases must be purchased or if existing databases need to be adapted.


During the process of description intrinsical and extrinsical data will be captured according to international standards. The description can be carried out either in your location or in my office. If required, I will introduce your own to the methods of description.


To purchase an archive software tailored to your business or organizational needs I compile requirement specifications and ask for offers from several firms. According to your demands we will select the most suitable solution and I will test the application and demonstrate the data input.


For you and your employees I provide training courses to familiarize you with using library databases, making data-input and carrying out research.


I will give you advice on the required equipment to store your books appropriatly. For books that need restoration I will arrange contact to restoration specialists.