Searching for Information in inhouse sources or external databases

Often you don't find the information needed in the world wide web. In this case commercial database hosts offer reliable and topical information, which is furthermore intellectually controlled by keywords and categories. As an information broker I provide professional research in databases for which there is a charge.

Numerous firms offer solutions for inhoue information management, such as intranet, content management (CMS) or document management solutions (DMS). As an information professional I analyse your personal information needs and assist with the introduction of DMS or CMS.

Every day organisations and private households acquire new documents and records. Transactions processes are handled, notices or presentations produced, books or objects are purchased. Nowadays the information therein is still present.

But what will happen, when a project or transaction is closed, when an organisation or a household is dissolved? Will files disappear in cellars or in the waste paper disposal? Will data on hard drives be deleted or disappear in a data-nirwana? Will objects of art or books be sold off cheaply?

If this happens, valuable knowledge into whose acquisition work and time have been invested remains hidden, material values are totally lost. Information once procured is no longer available.

At this point proven methods of ordering provide general frameworks to structure data, to describe objects systematically and make information accessible at any time.

In your company or organization you will be provided with rapid access to structured knowledge that helps you to organise your legal and adminstrative documents, to develop campaigns for marketing and planning strategies or to arrange company anniversaries. For collections the value of objects that have been listed in an inventory can be quickly ascertained and the objects are more easily available for loans.

As a specialist for scientific and scholarly documentation and as an art historian with practical experience in archives and libraries, I provide consulting and documentation services for the management of records and collections so that your records or collections will be preserved for the future.