Information Brokerage

Information Brokers procure information and clarify your business information needs.

Research Service

If you do not find the information you need for your business by „googling“, commercial database hosts offer plenty of sources that are accessible online. Although there is a charge on research in those databases, the advantages are obvious: data input is regular and up-to-date, information is intellectually controlled and structured. These benefits, when compared to internet research where information is merely accessible on the surface web, can help you uncover essential information and make meaningful decisions on the basis of hard facts and numbers.

The products of the commercial database hosts provide data from regional, national and international newspapers, magazines of all disciplines, from research and documentation centres.

As a professional information broker I offer you research - efficently and quickly - in commercial databases, for example in the databases of the german hosts GENIOS and GBI. According to your demands I supply a pre-research together with a quotation and, after confirmation of the order, deliver the results within 24 hours via e-mail.